Strip Metabolic Drink heralds the next generation of holistic metabolic sports drinks that will help work towards a well defined lean physique and seeking the maximum results from their physical performance.

+ Vitamins & Minerals
+ Amino Acids
+ Herbals
+ Antioxidants
+ Electrolytes
+ Coconut Water
+ Peak Metabolism
+ Sustained Energy
+ Lean Physique
+ Pre/Post Workout
+ Cell Nutrition

Frequently asked questions

  • What is it for and who can use it?

    It is for those individuals either recreational or competitive athletes in need of a natural metabolic  formula that will nourish their bodies and allow their metabolism to perform at it peak capability without being pumped with sucrose(sugar) and high amounts of caffeine that form the basis of most if not all energy drinks on the market.

  • Does it have much caffeine?

    STRIP contains approx 12.8mg of caffeine per serving and the caffeine is what is naturally occurring in green coffee bean and green tea compared to 40 –160mg in most energy drinks. The amount is considered negligible relative to a cup of coffee which contains

  • When and how do i take STRIP?

    STRIP is a pre/during and post workout formula so it can be taken at any of those time during physical exertion be it cycling, yoga, dancing, soccer, boxing, martial arts, marathons, triathlons, surfing, swimming etc. Simply add the contents of the sachet and slowly mix it in plain water without vigorous shaking as it has a slight effervescent(fizzing) effect when added to water and then enjoy the benefits of the comprehensive metabolic supporting specific ingredients. Do not add STRIP to your smoothie or any types of milk or alcohol or tea or coffee.

    As a pre/during/post exercise supplement
    Add the total contents of the sachet to 400-600ml of plain water and drink half before your exercise and the remainder prior to finishing your exercise program. Room temperature to slightly chilled water is preferable

    As a boost pre exercise only
    Add the contents of STRIP to 250-300ml of plain water and drink prior to exercise.

    As a hydrating and nourishing supplement
    Add the contents of STRIP to 600-1200ml of water and sip throughout the day

  • What sets STRIP apart from other formulas on the market ?

    Firstly STRIP was formulated and developed mindfully by leading Sydney Naturopath David Jivan ND MD (A.Med) due to his frustration in not having a formula he could recommend to his patients for their metabolic function and performance. So STRIP was created using a qualified and experienced health care professional who specialises in Natural Ergogenic aids in metabolic function backed by clinical research on the ingredients in the formula. STRIP is a safe and effective formula and is drug and chemical free. Most energy drinks get their popularity from the massive amounts of caffeine and sugar hits to attract their customers we have ethically  gone way beyond and have used our understanding and research in metabolic function nutrients to create STRIP which benefits  your health and metabolism

  • Who cant take STRIP?

    As per our product label,STRIP is not recommended for children under the age of 15 and pregnant and lactating women

  • Why are the B Vitamins in such small quantities?

    As STRIP is a FORMULATED SUPPLEMENTARY SPORTS FOOD we were only allowed to claim for what was permissable hence the low dose input amounts however we can confidently state that STRIP contains 40mg of each of the B vitamins except folic acid which is 400mcg and B12 which is 4mcg reducing the need for additional B vitamin supplementation and costs while taking STRIP. This further confirms our committment without compromise to mindfully deliver the most natural and potent synergistically formula available.

  • Does it have enough electrolytes for my workouts?

    Strip contains the essential electrolytes, potassium, sodium and a substantial 347mg of magnesium.

  • We are not here to discredit other sports drinks but in the spirit of competition are offering a revolutionary new formula that covers just about every aspect of metabolic performance. We offer you our pledge of integrity in ensuring this product is ethically formulated with the freshest, accurate raw ingredients manufactured under strictly hygienic conditions and guaranteed for authenticity. We have even nitrogen flushed our sachets to reduce moisture and air remaining in the sachets to maintain the stability of the ingredients. And you can be rest assured that we have minimised the caffeine content and have not added any sucrose(sugar) to our formula. STRIP is a concentrated powerful formula for those health minded enough to understand it.

  • With the amount of ingredients in it what does it taste like?

    Strip has a refreshing lemon/lime taste with no overpowering tastes and with no added sucrose we have derived the palatable sweetness from Thaumatin which is a protein that mimics the taste of sugar and is safe and naturally sourced from the Katemfe fruit so it is not a synthetic sugar.

  • Can i use STRIP as part of my weight management program?

    Absolutely as there are many of the ingredients that would support your program

  • What is the caloric value of a sachet of STRIP?

    STRIP contains 17 calories per sachet