A message to all our patients – COVID 19

JivanHealth is still open to attend to the health and wellbeing of our dear patients during these challenging times. We continue to consult face to face as well as FaceTime appointments  and supplying medicines. Our practice is maintaining the highest level of care with regards to social distancing and hygiene.

We request that patients if possible to wear a mask when attending JivanHealth and hand sanitizer is supplied at our practice.

JivanHealth’s hours remain the same but please contact us for specific clinic opening hours.

To good health and stay safe!

David & Dilan Jivan

Why Choose Us?

Over the last 30 years tens of thousands of patients have consulted us in their pursuit of optimal health and continue to do so. Create your vision and then visit us. 

With over 30 years of clinical experience and commitment to the best of health care, we try to offer a balanced, sensible and transparent approach to health conditions and life style management. Each patient is managed on their individual needs and treated accordingly.

We have a herbal dispensary stocked with the highest quality herbal extracts and Practitioner only nutritional supplements including Pure-Medica- our very own exclusive range of premium quality health care supplements .

Our passion is encouraging the quality of every patients mental, physical and spiritual health and also most importantly acknowledging our limitations as ethical and responsible Practitioners so that when necessary, we introduce our patients to our network of allied Health Practitioners be it Medical or Complementary Practitioners for further support, ensuring the patients needs are met.

We hope this site is informative and inspirational in motivating you to building a healthy balanced lifestyle with our support and guidance without the fads and misinformation about honest lifestyle management.

In life I have found we have two choices To be a victim or have a vision When you become a victim, you follow the world When you have a vision, the world follows you..

           – David Jivan

STRIP Metabolic drink

Specifically formulated by experienced health care practitioners  as a revolutionary versatile metabolic formula, Strip is ideal for the health conscious who are working towards a well-defined. Lean physique and looking to achieve maximum results in the physical performance.

What is it for and who can use it?

It is for those individuals either recreational or competitive athletes in need of a natural metabolic  formula that will nourish their bodies and allow their metabolism to perform at it peak capability without being pumped with sucrose(sugar) and high amounts of caffeine that form the basis of most if not all energy drinks on the market.