On a journey to enlivened health

Let your valuable health get support from a trusted experienced and evidence based approach to integrative natural healthcare from The Natural Health Guru David Jivan the source of knowledge and wisdom acquired from 30 years of full time practice.

David’s qualifications are ND (Naturopathy) DBM (Herbal Medicine) MSc (Holistic Nutrition) MD (Doctor Of Alternative Medicine). David is proudly a Natural Therapist and not a Medical Practitioner.

Experience the wisdom of 30 years of holistic knowledge of Australia’s Leading Naturopath and ‘The Natural Health Guru’ Passion Dedication and Ethics facilitated by evidence based and traditional natural medicine

Since 1988 David’s Practice has been and is a haven for those thousands that flock there from all parts of the globe and that have evolved to understand and respect the virtues of holistic living and in the pursuit of Optimal health with a Practitioner who passionately and sensibly encourages them in their journey. He is turned to as the valuable SOURCE of an open minded focused activist of natural healthcare by other health professionals, journalists, students, health bloggers and writers. David is the resident Naturopath and Natural Health Guru on the House of Wellness On channel 7. His practice offers general holistic health and weight management programmes which incorporates diet, exercise, herbal and nutritional therapeutics without the gimmicks.

David has a special interest in metabolic correction, longevity, sports nutrition and performance and clinical experience with Amino Acid Therapy.

Although heralded as Australia’s Celebrity Naturopath by Woman’s Day David prides himself as a dedicated and caring Naturopath making time to assist anyone who is motivated and willing to commit to caring for themselves.

Harper’s BAZAAR Australia labelled him a Metabolic Miracle Worker and Rockstar Naturopath and regarded “his Herbal concoctions as stuff of legend”. He has appeared on TV programmes such as Today Tonight, ET and numerous magazine such as Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, Marie Claire, ELLE, Woman’s Day, Who, Alive, Seniors, Womens Health and Sunday life magazine. He was also a lecturer at the major Naturopathic Colleges in clinical and Sports Nutrition.

David is continually expanding his knowledge by attending industry educational events and involving himself in the latest research in integrative and preventative medicine in particularly relating to Metabolic function, Oncology, Childhood health and development and Healthy Ageing and is CEO of his company Pure-Medica ( pure-medica.com.au )which specialises in natural solutions to support Metabolic performance and Aging.

His Practice prides itself in being a niche practice for those seriously committed to good health and lifestyle practices founded by holistic principals but question everything!


``Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.”

– Hippocrates