I’ve got an amazing naturopath in Sydney called David Jivan, anything Dr Jivan tells me to do i do.

Jodhi Meares

David Jivan is a genius. Not only does he know his stuff but his possibly one of the nicest & most genuine people I’ve meet in a long time, who really cares for your health and wellbeing. Thank you David!

Rochelle Davies

David Jivan is his name. Whether you need assistance to fall pregnant or drop 5 kilos, he seems to have all the answers

Catriona Rowntree

David Jivan is an amazing Naturopath, very professional and caring, looks after his patients like his own family. You are the best.

Maria Contogiannis

Not only is he a great naturopath but also an awesome chauffeur, he can do more than you can imagine, and what I admire about him most he practices what he preaches.David your AWESOME xxxx How’s that for a true blog

Denise Turbin

Thank you once again you are just unique in every way … A true friend and a outstanding naturopath … First treating me then my children now my grandchildren … I trust you with all my heart n soul and thank you from the deepness of my heart… Thank you for everything you do for me and my family.

Maria Matera

Your changing my life one tonic at a time.

Dana Schleiger

David Jivan is the hippest coolest best naturopath in the world!!!!

Wes Carr