Strip Metabolic Drink heralds the next generation of holistic metabolic sports drinks that will help work towards a well defined lean physique and seeking the maximum results from their physical performance.

+ Vitamins & Minerals
+ Amino Acids
+ Herbals
+ Antioxidants
+ Electrolytes
+ Coconut Water
+ Peak Metabolism
+ Sustained Energy
+ Lean Physique
+ Pre/Post Workout
+ Cell Nutrition


Head of Research and Development and CEO is  David Jivan ND DBM MSc MD(A.Med) I am now fulfilling the dream of forever wanting to create and manufacture a range of specialised supplements and in that range create one product that is unique and reflected an area of interest that I enjoy. So the first was antiAg which was my general wellness and  the flagship…STRIP METABOLIC DRINK.

What sets us apart is the ethical commitment we have towards sustainable holistic healthcare and empowering individuals towards achieving realistic and maintainable wellbeing. On reviewing our products one will fully understand the extent of our passion and motivation of our cause and journeys, so come aboard and enjoy the ride towards optimal health nirvana Remember the two most fundamental requirements of exercise and balanced holistic nourishment and once you realise this it is one rewarding journey detached from the vulnerabilities of poor health and torments of guilt. We ensure we develop products that are safe, healthy and effective and endorsed by claims that are credible and transparent in information.

Nothing is impossible, its just a matter of how bad you want it and how realistic and sensible you are in achieving it and of course the people you choose to support you through it.

So when you purchase our products you can be assured that our formulas have been passionately,ethically and mindfully formulated with the ingredients having a synergistic and potentiating principle in mind.

Our credibility  and commitment is your guarantee of pure, safe and premium natural ingredients that are used in our products without compromise and transparency with information. Our formulas are made with ingredients backed by scientific research and traditional evidence. Our special areas of interest are metabolic function and longevity hence allowing us to focus on bringing you the best resources in these areas of healthcare.

And yes we are proudly 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured here in Australia under the strictest guidelines of quality control.

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